The Good Old Days?

Are many nostalgic accounts of the good old days examples of selective forgetfulness? Before you argue the point, read the fourteen short stories in The Good Old Days?. They are loosely based on actual recollections of childhoods in the 1940s, 1950, and 1960s.

These tales address major historical events and societal problems in the idiosyncratic way of memoirs. They are snapshots of events from one individual's viewpoint, and the narrator for each story is different.

Although the quirks of characters in these tales are amusing, one aspect of several of these vignettes—child and spousal abuse in so-called "nice" homes—is not funny. Perhaps, these tales will cause you to redefine the good old days.

Why Short Stories?

Short stories are literature for people on the go. They make you think without dictating all the details


I could certainly relate to so many of these stories. Some brought smiles, some tears, but all were wonderful and thought provoking.

Marilyn Olsen, President of Public Safety Writers Association

The author delves into the personal territory of tragedy in the everyday lives of seemingly everyday people. These very short stories offer… poignant glimpses into times ironically considered simpler and better by most people, allowing us to reexamine our preconceptions.

John Addiego, author

A Peek at a Story

I Still Want...

"I still want a hula hoop." The chipmunks—Alvin, Simon, and Theodore—screeched slightly out of harmony on the Saturday morning cartoon show. There were lots of things I still wanted, too: the winter to end, Mom to get well, and anyone to talk to me.

When I was eight, neither of my parents spoke much to me. They avoided me, except at suppertime. Then Mom stared at the black cat clock, with its red eyes rolling back and forth and its tail swinging, while Dad and I silently ate supper. When I put down my fork, Mom sent me outside in warm weather and to my bedroom in winter. Dad seldom protested her decision. He only hung his head.

For more, read The Good Old Days?